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Mission and mandates of the National Archives

The National Archives has as a mission to :


  • safeguard the national archival heritage ;
  • watch over the making, preservation, organisation and proper use of all archival fonds related to the state, local organisations, institutions and public enterprises, and private bodies responsible for the administration of a public service and civil servants ;
  • collect, preserve and communicate all archival sources available abroad and thought relevant to Tunisia.

The National Archives undertakes, then, the following tasks :


  • providing the above-mentioned services and bodies with technical assistance in archival matters ;
  • facilitating the elaboration of records management schemes for these same services and bodies and approve of their records schedules ;
  • controlling the preservation condition of current and semi-current records of the above-mentioned services and bodies ;
  • ensuring the collection, preservation, processing and communication of archives of these services and bodies
  • setting up and publishing the various finding aids facilitating users’ access to records ;
  • organizing the communication of records and promoting their cultural and educative value by all appropriate means ;
  • preserving the conserved archival fonds ;
  • promoting the archival field by means of scientific research, professional training and international co-operation.

To better accomplish its mission and duties, the National Archives was organized by Decree n° 97 – 389, February 1997, and according to the following organization charte.

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