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Appraisal schedule

Public departments and bodies are required to elaborate a records appraisal schedule so as to ensure an efficient management of their records, space, equipment and staff.

The application of this schedule helps ensure a better productivity and a more efficient administrative management, which makes it possible to :


  • reduce the documentary mass, and this would enable us to save space and shelving equipment ;
  • facilitate the location of active records ; 
  • ensure the transfer of semi-active records to the relevant archives services ;
  • avoid the storage of records with no archival or research value ;
  • protect confidential records ;
  • ensure a better selection of records so as to safeguard the national heritage of Tunisia.

The appraisal schedule is a management tool completely integrated into the administrative process which involves the different preservation rules needed by an institution to rationalize the management and the preservation of its records.

Common records appraisal schedule : (Prime Minister’s Order of 3 October 2000)

This refers to the whole number of rules determining the life cycle of each record or file throughout the various stages.
It fixes for each type of record :


  • the period for which it is preserved and made available to the agents as part of their routine tasks ;
  • the period for which it is preserved as a semi-current record in specially fitted out spaces ;
  • the destination of a record or file following the expiry of its retention period which is often disposal or transfer to the National Archives.

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